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Prime Edge Technical Services LLC

Prime Edge technical Services LLC offers concrete cutting, concrete scanning and repairing services in Dubai, UAE

Prime Edge technical Services LLC is specialised in all types of Concrete Cutting, Concrete 2D & 3D Scanning and Demolition works all over UAE

About Us

Prime edge was established in 2012 at dubai with the main focus on Concrete Scanning and Concrete Cutting. Prime Edge has executed several projects in dubai which made enormous impact on the desire to widen its scope in UAE.

With the satisfactory results all over, company has improved its strength with additional people. Given the skills and knowledge on the business, Prime Edge delivers not only in dubai, but also to other parts of UAE with satisfactory works & commitment. 

We make it a priority to arrange refresher courses, technical training sessions,  seminars  and  briefings of maintain and promote  the knowledge  of our employees  in our organisation.  We constantly develop and train our staff to enhance their capabilities to make use of the latest technology and best  practices. Furthermore, we  continuously strive to upgrade project’s control, where initiative is recognised and results are awarded.

Who We Are

Prime Edge Technical Services LLC is a service oriented company operating in various commercial, residential and industrial buildings, power plants, oil refineries, pipelines, factories, and warehouses .

What We Do

Quality is Prime Edge`s most important product. Customer satisfaction is our most important focus. Continuous improvement leads to higher quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and long term success for our client and employees.

Why Choose Us

PE has accumulated a strong and healthy market trust through a simple principle that we follow : Earn Trust with Business. Our aim is to create value for its client through continuous improvement in cost efficiency and quality service to achieve this objective.